I am a physics teacher turned math teacher, so my resource list is small and needs to grow. If you have suggested resources please leave a note and or link in the comments below.

IB Oriented Resources

SL Portfolio Guide This is a (long winded) approach to give some guidance on how to write an SL portfolio. It is by no means complete, perfect or all you need to do to earn a 7, but maybe it'll help you earn a few more points… I'm working on a check-list of sorts too. Comments, suggestions and any sort of feedback is welcome. Leave comments at the bottom of this page.

Things Seen on IB Exams - A page on this site. Gives a list of tasks and questions seen on the last 2-3 years of IB SL Math exams by topic. The list is NOT COMPLETE, but might serve as a useful study tool.

General Math Resources

Geogebra - FREE and easy to use and power math software. Creates graphs easily. Learning to better use this resource is a goal of my this year.

PHET - Free simulations. Focused on science but has some great math ones too. Simulations could be used for modeling in math class. In another life I'd love to work in this program.

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