This Site

I created IB Physics Stuff a few years back when I was a physics teacher. I am now, for better or worse, a full time math teacher. I find the process of writing notes helpful in organizing my thoughts, despite the fact that I spend very little time lecturing. I deeply believe that students learn best by doing and talking, not by reading or listening to someone else's words. The creation of this site is an act of learning for me - I am doing and talking which is much more instructional than simply reading someone else's words. Yes, I see the paradox.

This site is my view of the concepts covered in IB (SL) math. The site is not a replacement for a decent IB textbook, but I still haven't seen one. The site is most certainly not a replacement for a good teacher.

My hope is to organize my thoughts and potentially provide a resource for my students and maybe for other students and teachers.

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